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  • GEI Works’ Type 2 DOT, HD and Permeable Turbidity Curtains provide a durable solution for containing silt, turbidity, and displaced particles for projects around your site and with DOT requirements. Designed for moving water, waves or moderate conditions, these curtains add increased strength to containment or control areas. They feature impermeable fabric, a bottom ballast chain, and grommet section connectors that allows water to pass though, throughout the depth of the skirt. Type 2 DOT models are typically recommended for use in areas with flows up to 1 knot.
  • Incineration

    GEI Works’ Little Helios Police Station Drug Barrel Burner is designed to provide law enforcement and police stations with in-house drug disposal system. Easy to move and operate, these 55-gallon barrel burners are frequently used to dispose of confiscated drugs, illicit drugs, evidence, contraband, and narcotics.
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