5000 Gallon Gray Water Tanks

Gray Water Tank for Septic Tank Overflow

Question: I am interested in 5000 gallon bladder tanks. Any ideas on how this tank will be shipped to my location and how I can set it up? I am looking to store grey water from septic tank overflow/soak-away. Only looking to use for 4/5 weeks per year would this work? Could the tank be reused at a later time? Can they store any kind of grey water or only certain types?gray water collapsible tanks

Answer: Yes, a collapsible tank can be used to store a wide range of gray water liquids. Common gray water applications have included:

  • Process Water for Construction Sites
  • Frac Fluids for Oilfield Sites
  • Water for Mining Operations
  • Septic or Sewage Storage
  • Non-Drinking Water Applications
  • Rainwater (for later use in utilities and other application)

In addition, we have also seen many of our collapsible tanks successfully store drinking water, diesel fuel, food grade products such as oil, and more. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your exact liquid and we will see if we have a tank to match your application.

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5000 Gallon Gray Water Tanks Storage and Reuse

In regards to your application, yes, these tanks can be used for short term periods of time. If desired, they can be reused. When customers are looking for multiple deployments we may quote you on a multi-term fabric or recommend cleaning methods.

All collapsible tanks should be thoroughly cleaned after use, especially if you are intending to reuse this tank. After they are cleaned, the inside of the tank should be allowed to dry before placed into storage. This helps keep the tank in top condition.

Tanks can be cleaned using a soft chlorine sanitizing agent. We typically recommend no more than 5% solution to keep your tank protected. You can also use a sterilizing agent. See our Water Bladder Tank page.

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