25 k Bladder Tank for Crude Oil

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Question: Can a 25,000 gallon Bladder Tank be Built to Store Crude Oil? Could your 25 K bladder tank hold crude oil (and possibly seawater) in deep sea environment, possibly holding an releasing equal mass of methane. And then have the tank releases for the gases? I don't know how fast it would come out of the solution, but I imagine fast enough to require venting. A tethering net would be required to hold the tanks in place. I imagine the gas would be coming out of solution at high pressure, enough to displace surrounding water, though hopefully the whole system would be in near hydrostatic equilibrium.

1,000,000 gallons would be nice (~ 2/day), though I imagine construction time is sensitive and larger tanks would involve larger ballasting against the buoyancy. So the 25 K bladder tank would be ok for right now. Intriguing idea, if it could work. And if you think about hot air balloon filling, it might even capture the oil while other operations went on underneath it.

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Thank you for asking. Yes, we do build bladder tanks that can store materials other than water. These tanks have included fabrics to handle the crude oil you have specified, as well as diesel fuel, Jet A fuel and other hydrocarbon materials.

To match your material to one of our tank fabrics, please let us know exactly what type of liquid you are looking to store. This can help use rate a fabric specifically for your crude oil. While we can build the crude oil tank to fit your requirements, we would need to check with our technical experts to see how these tanks can perform in a deep sea environment. Yes, larger tanks would involve larger ballasting against buoyancy. Learn more about the variety of collapsible water tanks.